Social Media and The Presidential Election

Social media has proved to be incredibly useful and effective this campaign season. The two main contenders vying for the Presidential spot, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, both have aggressive social media strategies and campaigns. Closing in on the digital gap, both candidates have done a somewhat decent job at appeasing to the millions of Americans who are engaging in social media on a daily basis.

Just a few months ago, a research study was conducted on the presidential candidates and their social media successes and misfires. Take a look at these two graphs to see how your favorite candidate has fared in the digital world.

The study suggests that overall, Obama’s team has done a better job at engaging activity across the board on today’s most frequented social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and blogs.

So what is the cause for such a universal response? The Obama campaign has focused its digital messaging significantly on a local level; taking a state-by-state approach when it comes to content creation and dissemination. The website no longer features a “news” section with recent media clips and updates. By doing so, this move has eliminated a role for the mainstream press when it comes to Obama’s website strategy. The Romney campaign takes a completely different approach and has an entire page dedicated to showcasing what the mainstream media is saying positively about him and negatively about his opponent.

In more recent news, the first round of the Presidential Debates created quite a stir in the social media world, especially on Twitter. CBS News reports and Twitter confirmed that there were over 10 million tweets related to the October 3rd debates. A spokesperson for Twitter reported that this debate was the most tweeted-about event in U.S. history.

With such a large influx of viewers not only watching the debates, but also engaging online at the same time, one can only wonder how the rest of October will unfold. Gotta love campaign season democracy!

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