Do Sponsored Tweets Work?

It’s apparent that more and more celebrities are using sponsored tweets (i. e. Heidi Montag and Kim Kardashian) and I’ve often wondered if these actually influence the average consumer. Companies like seem to think so and offer advertisers the ability to create campaigns and select those with Twitter accounts to participate and promote products and/or brands.

What is A Sponsored Tweet?
A sponsored tweet is a message that a celebrity or public figure is paid to disseminate to their followers on Twitter. Advertisers connect with them, pay the set price-per-tweet and then hope all of their followers go rushing to the store to buy their product. Sounds awesome, right?

How Does It Work?
The advertiser first needs to decide what the promoted tweet will say. Then there are several steps that will define and segment available celebrities. Some of these include: What is the maximum cost the advertiser is willing to pay per tweet? How many followers does the celebrity to have? Will the tweet only apply to certain locations?
After those questions are answered, a list of available people on Twitter that meet the specified criteria will display.

Is The Message Credible?
There is a constant debate about the credibility of anything that is sponsored. Will it be effective? Is it morally correct?
Do you think if someone is paid to tweet about a product/service the credibility is immediately lost?

Note: requires disclosure by the paid Twitterer. By doing this, they are complying with FTC regulations.

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