10 Things You Should Never Share On Facebook

10 Things You Should Never Share on Social Media

Unfortunately, we all see it day in and day out. Oversharing. Status updates that reveal either:
1) Too much information
2) Unnecessary details that we could do without
3) Updates that just make you say ‘Did she really post that?’.
This blog post is my public service announcement. It provides 10 examples of information that should never be shared on Facebook.

  1. Party Photos
    Example: Sloppy Drunk Photo
    Most of us are guilty of this at some point or another. Perhaps we just went ahead and uploaded the photo to Facebook while savoring the drunken moment. Or, maybe your friend uploaded the photo and tagged you assuming that you totally wouldn’t care. Well guess what, you should. Personally, I enjoy looking through my News Feed and seeing drunk photos but it’s probably not in your best interest as a professional. Assuming you are a professional.
  2. Complaints About Your Boss or Workplace
    Example: “TGIF! Can’t wait to get out of this s***hole. I hate my boss and my job. Know of anyone who is hiring?”
    Speaking of a job…if you want to keep yours it’s best to keep those rants to a private text message and not a public status update. You do realize that your boss, the HR department or that annoying, over-accomplished co-worker is stalking your profile just looking for an excuse to report you, right?
  3. The Dates You’re Going on Vacation
    Example: “Woohoo! Just booked a vacay to Florida for June 6-10. Hello Sunshine!”
    With this one, you’re essentially asking for it.  You wouldn’t put up a poster on your front door announcing your absence to the neighborhood, would you? Then don’t post it for the world to see on Facebook.
  4. Views on Race, Religion or Politics
    Example: “I’m so disgusted with Obama. He’s raised our taxes and now he’s going to take away our guns!”
    This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine and it’s resulted in me blocking several people from my News Feed since November (election season) of last year. How about you take all that time you spend complaining online and actually do something that supports your beliefs. Note: Feel free to believe and support whoever you would like just don’t use social media to rant and complain. These types of issues were meant for face-to-face discussions – not status updates. Unless of course you’re going to post a funny eCard about it, that’s an exception.
  5. Drama. Of Any Kind.
    Example: “Overdrawn again. Can’t believe my boyfriend made me pay for dinner. Jerk.”
    Parents. Friends. Money Issues. Whatever. If it’s really that big of a deal, I’d suggest calling a friend or family member that can help you sort through the issue. Posting about your drama just makes us all feel better about our lives which was probably not the response you were looking for.
  6. Vague Posts
    Example: “Wondering if it’s all going to be okay.”
    Also known as Vaguebooking, all this does is get people talking. And when people are left to their own imagination, it’s probably not a good thing. Do us all a favor and just assume ‘it’s totally going to be okay.’
  7. Cat Photos
    Example: Photo of your cat lounging in the sunny window pane.
    Dog photos are totally acceptable. But cat photos – no. Never.
  8. Anything Involving The Word ‘Preggers’
    Example: “Totally hoping my girlfriend Jennifer isn’t preggers.”
    I have nothing against pregnancy, birth, babies, etc. This is just specifically about the vernacular. Preggers. Really? Whether you’re the pregnant one or not, let’s respect the process enough not to use a phrase that just sounds offensive.
  9. Oversharing Your Day
    Example: Woke up and had a great workout. Then a productive day at work. Going to change clothes and I’m headed to dinner with Tommy.
    Unless I’m babysitting your child and waiting for you to get back home so I can leave, I don’t need a detailed version of everything you’re doing. We’re all adults here.
  10. Break-Ups
    Example: “I’ll never be able to move on without my soul mate Chris.”
    Break ups suck. They really do. But you know what sucks more? Having to relive the whole thing with you on Facebook. I have one friend who (not lying) has changed his relationship status 19 times in 4 months. Hmm…I’m not a relationship expert but something tells me it’s probably not going to work out buddy. So, save me and you the heartache and just forget about social media when it comes to your girlfriend.

I know you have some examples of offensive, annoying or just flat-out weird updates you’ve seen on Facebook. Share them with me in the comments below.

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